Monday Morning Confessional

Monday Morning Confessional February 24, 2014

I confess that I have received a newly edited version of Shrink. We’re at the point in the editing process where everything switches to paper. So, this is my first go-round at edits w/a red pen in hand. I have less than a month to get it done. I confess that the manuscript is currently sitting on my desk at home poking fun at me, and verbally taunting me whenever I walk by.

I confess that I am not the least bit ready for winter to be gone. I am still loving the cold weather, dreaming of packed powder and short lift lines. Three more weeks and I’ll be proving that I am at best a mediocre skier.

I confess that I’m trying to get up the courage to start in on season 2 of House of Cards. I’ve avoided the spoilers so far but I better get on it if I want the story to be a surprise. This show fascinates me. On one level I really do like the show. It’s so creative, great cinematography, plus I like that it’s a Netflix original. But it’s so devoid of any kind of hope – I mean there is no hint of redemption anywhere, not even one character of virtue to pull for. You’ve got to be in the right head space to watch that show w/out needing to go straight to an episode of Family Guy just to clear the mechanism.

I confess that one of my bad habits is checking email communication when I’m trying to detach from my job for a few hours. I’m continually amazed at how much stress comes into our lives via email. The rhythm Kristin and I are trying to stick to is that when I get home from church on Sunday – usually around 2:30 or 3:00 – I try to get some emotional distance from my job and begin the practice of Sabbath keeping for the next 24 hours. When I get up on Monday, I try to avoid email if I can and then Kristin and I get out of the house together, and just do something energizing and fun until 3pm when I pick up my oldest from school. Then I’m back in and engaged in my role as dad or pastor. The idea is to get a full 24 hours of downtime. Only two things generally hijack the practice: 1) if we flail around Monday morning and can’t decide what to do – the antidote to this is planning ahead. 2) if I check email/texts and get sucked into something that is stressful. One of the best practices I can do to enhance Sabbath is to write my Monday Morning Confessional Sunday night before I got to bed. I confess that I didn’t get it done last night. I’m learning how much the consistent practice of Sabbath keeping takes quite a bit of prep time.

I confess that the list of household projects I need to get to has piled up over the past year. I have allowed myself to use getting the manuscript finished as an excuse to put things off. When it warms up outside, I’m going to be kept pretty busy working on a bunch of projects I have really let go for far too long.

I confess that it’s time to start running again. I confess that this is the longest break from running I’ve taken in at least the past ten years. I really need to start in this week, but am not looking forward to the lost productivity and time. I honestly never thought my main reason for avoiding exercise would be that I’m able to get more work done if I don’t break to take care of my body. Nothing about that sentence is even remotely healthy, so I better get on it.

I confess that Jimmy Fallon’s first week of The Tonight Show did not disappoint. I’ve watched all except the episode w/Jerry Seinfeld. I hope to catch a little bit of Seth Meyers this week… I actually think he’s going to be pretty good.

Okay friends, that’s my confession for this Monday… time for you to make yours:

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