Prayers Going Out to Jimmie Carter Today

Prayers Going Out to Jimmie Carter Today December 20, 2015

Carter.001I love the fact that after being president of the United States, starting Habitat for Humanity, a life of active international diplomacy, and a battle with cancer earlier this year, Jimmie Carter still teaches Sunday School and takes it seriously. I was sad to hear today that his grandson went down for a nap and never woke up, but heartened by the report that he still went to church to be with his friends. Newser is reporting:

Jimmy Carter told the congregation at his church on Sunday that he was 25 minutes late because his grandson, 28-year-old Jeremy Carter, had died just hours before, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. Carter said his grandson was feeling sick Saturday and took a nap at the family residence in Peachtree City. Jeremy’s mom later checked on him and found his heart was no longer beating. Carter, 91, spoke about the family tragedy before teaching Sunday school class at Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains, Ga., but gave no further details. “He’s a great kid, it’s so sad,” church member Jill Stuckey says of Jeremy. “Life’s full of its ups and downs and the Carters aren’t immune.”

It got me thinking of how much I depend upon the church when I’m in pain. Some people might balk at the idea that Carter came around to teach his normal class, but I get it. He’s got so many years in that church family, I can understand why you’d want to go be with your people.


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