by Rua Lupa:

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Saegoah KalendarThe Globus Kalendar(Borealis/Australis Kalendar Combined)

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Solterrestriale Vocabulum (Solar-Earth Terms) Brief


Solterrestriale Vocabulum/Solar-Earth Terms








“Impacts of Our Connections – Quiz & Solutions!”
Issue 121 – Bardic Paths









Cervid Constellation
Pumpkin Carving Patterns for Transnox




By both Rua Lupa and Lupa Greenwolf (As Contributors)

A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment


by Lupa Greenwolf:

Current Books:

Plant and Fungus Totems: Connecting With Spirits of Field, Forest and Garden (May 2014)
New Paths to Animal Totems: Three Alternative Approaches to Creating Your Own Totemism (2012)
Skin Spirits: The Spiritual and Magical Uses of Animal Parts (2010)
DIY Totemism: Your Personal Guide to Animal Totems (2008)
Fang and Fur, Blood and Bone: A Primal Guide to Animal Magic (2006)

Current Anthologies (As Editor/Contributor):

Engaging the Spirit World: Shamanism, Totemism, and Other Animistic Practices (2013)
Talking About the Elephant: An Anthology of Neopagan Perspectives on Cultural Appropriation (2008)

Current Anthologies (As Contributor):

Women’s Voices in Magic (2009)
Magick on the Edge: Adventures in Experimental Magick (2007)
Llewellyn Annuals (assorted years and anthologies, 2008 – present)