Wordless Wednesday: The Desert


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Look & Find – Piling Snow

Piling Snow By Rua Lupa The Great Freshwater Island, Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada

Look & Find the Critter in the Photo.
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Festivities of Natural Annual Events: Australis Lux (The Longest Day & Night of The Year)


What is physically happening to the Earth at this time of year, and what celebrations spring forth therefrom the world over? [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: Water Pearls


Water pearls by Kerstin Would you like to see your nature-inspired photography and other artwork here on Wordless Wednesday? Contact us at pathsthroughtheforests[at]gmail[dot]com with a photo and link of the piece you’d like us to consider. [Read more...]

How You Can Have A Nox Festival – A Festival for The Longest Night


Want to have a full fledged celebration of Nox? Rua Lupa shows you how that can be done… [Read more...]

Celebrating Nox – The Longest Night – The Year’s Midnight. What You Can Do At Home.


Here are some ways anyone can celebrate The Longest Night. [Read more...]