Wordless Wednesday: Black Stripes


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Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud


Lupa Greenwolf has been experiencing a warm, sunny winter–and it’s not cause to celebrate. [Read more...]

Look & Find – Horsetail Valley

Horestail Valley by Rua Lupa. The Great Freshwater Island, Ontario, Canada.

Look & Find the critters in the horsetail valley! [Read more...]

Look & Find – Deep in the Forest

Deep In The Forest by Kathryn Cranford. Laconia, New Hampshire, USA.

Look & Find the Critter in the Photo.
Deep In The Forest. [Read more...]

This World is Sacred, Too


Let this world be sacred, too. Let us not see it as a flawed version of some paradise; let us not seek to leave it too soon or–worse yet–tear it down in the hopes of manifesting its perfect cousin. [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: Ammonite


Ammonite by Lupa Greenwolf.  Would you like to see your nature-inspired photography and other artwork here on Wordless Wednesday? Contact us at pathsthroughtheforests[at]gmail[dot]com with a photo and link of the piece you’d like us to consider. [Read more...]