Canadian Reaction To Trump Presidency

Canadian Reaction To Trump Presidency November 9, 2016

Image by Rua Lupa
Image by Rua Lupa

Its no surprise that most Canadians supported Hillary Clinton out of the two presidential candidates – a sizable portion of that is because of US-Canadian relations. Hillary was going to hold the status quo, and was going to continue on the legacy of President Obama. Really nothing to complain about, and has a good track record for her political work as far as Canadians are concerned. The majority of Canadians were expecting Hillary to win because of this. So it is to our immense surprise that Donald Trump not only garnered so much support, but is now President of the USA. And Canadians are afraid.

Afraid for our relationship with our closest ally; Afraid for the rights of people living in the USA; Afraid for world security.

To say I am disheartened by the outcome of this election would be a vast understatement. I am not only afraid, but genuinely disturbed. I’ve lost faith in a large portion of Americans. Because you’ve openly supported and elected a person who has shown lack of empathy – being completely self absorbed, has a history of assaulting women – by his own words, threatens violence toward anyone who disagrees with him or happens to have a different skin pigmentation, not to mention how that his threats directly oppose freedom of speech, and is a pathological liar. The American people have told the world that this man represents them.

I can blame gerrymandering, I can blame the American media flaw of false equivalence representation on their programs, I can blame the Federal Republic political system that directly causes a two party system, I can blame the failing education system, but those are just symptoms. I blame the willful ignorance, bigotry, and ego of Americans who voted for Trump, those who didn’t vote, and those who voted for a third party candidate that would have otherwise supported the Democratic Candidate.

You might be saying to yourself, “I understand your blaming of Trump voters, by why the non-voters and especially the 3rd party voters?”…

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