Ramadhan 2016 – Day 27 (Al-Jinn)

Ramadhan 2016 – Day 27 (Al-Jinn) July 2, 2016

quran day 27


This chapter comes straight after Surah Nuh, Chapter 71. In Ch 71, we are shown the nuh strategy of building the ark which acts as a protective space for those who entered it (71/28). Ch 72, Al-Jinn follows this theme by showing us the people required to build the ark.


Vs 1 opens with the nafarun min al-jinn. The word ‘nafarun’ refers to movement (anfiru is to travel, 4/94). The jinn are the people of movement and highly potent. They are the only ones who recognize the Quran as ‘’ajeeb’ or amazing. (72/1). This shows that the only way to recognise this quality is to be a dynamic, highly potentialized people.


They recognise Quran as guiding to ‘rushd’ and the removal of shirk. Uncoincidentally, Ibrahim was given ‘rushd’ (mature guidance) and it is also mentioned in 2/186 for those who have reached the Ramadhan peak state.


The jinn recognise that the independent folks among the ins (weaker, more easily influenced aspect of man) take refuge with them but this did not help them. Vs 8-10 tells us that the jinn are those who sit in the fields of higher consciousness. They may be ambushed with challenging ideas but it is possible they are given rushd.


Vs 14-16 tells us how to achieve this rushd. For those who seek to make things whole, they are those who will achieve rushd. Those who seek to distribute out of their own wills, they are not. For those who establish upon the blazing path, Allah will bestow them rain in abundance.


Vs 18 seemingly switches topic but in reality does not. It speaks of masajid for Allah, systems built for the sake of Allah, where no one is master over anyone else. Vs 19 mentions the slave of Allah who invokes his system of justice, yet is opposed. This is the actualization of the jinn potential. The rest of the sura up to Vs 28 gives the principles of this system.



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