Ramadhan 2016 – Day 28 (At-Takwir)

Ramadhan 2016 – Day 28 (At-Takwir) July 3, 2016

quran day 28

This chapter is in the third level of summary chapters in Quran (starting from An-Naba till the end). Its twin is the following chapter, Al-Infitar. Both these chapters link patterns of destruction with the coming of judgement and revelation. This coheres with the story of musa and firaun. As such, this chapter may be a mirror of that process.


The pattern of destruction here is the folding up of the sun, which symbolizes the destruction of the system of oppression. The stars represent the significant other minor sources of light in that system and the mountains represent the immovable institutions. The society is also left unattended at that point. The wild beasts represent the lawless folks who gather and cause mischief. This is very much like firaun’s system described in other chapters.


From Vs 15 onwards links the pattern of destruction with our response to it. We are not to divide between the whisperer which comes forth or hides. With the night which doubly potentializes. With the dawn which actualizes.


81/19 onwards links this with the saying of the messenger. Sayings which are powerful in the sight of the possessor of the lord of being. This links with musa once again who invokes God when he speaks to firaun and the removal of oppression. It is no coincidence that in several places, musa is mentioned right next to Quran (6/91-92 being the first occurrence).


Finally, the sayings are described. That they will take people to places. They are a vivifier and puts people on their feet, if they will so and theirs will coincide with the will of Allah. This is a final link to the project of musa.








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