Merry Christmas, Baby — from Christina Aguilera and me [VIDEO]

Merry Christmas, Baby — from Christina Aguilera and me [VIDEO] December 24, 2012

Here’s an early Christmas gift for you: the one, the only, the best voice in popular music: Christina Aguilera — and the most amazing vocal of her career comes in her relatively little-known version of the R&B Christmas classic “Merry Christmas, Baby” which first appeared on her 2000 Christmas album, My Kind of Christmas. It’s a duet with New Orleans legend Dr. John, but as you’ll see, he sings for about 20 seconds. It’s Christina at her very best, and that’s insanely great.

I actually usually prefer clean vocals, but Christina’s singing is so remarkable that it transcends styles. From the moment she entered the scene, there was no question that she was the best non-classical singer alive.

If you are a doubter, if you don’t like “pop,” just play it. This track has converted more than one pop-hater to the Christina side. In all honesty, I cannot listen to her vocals in this song without getting choked up because the artistry is so overwhelming.

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