A New Series on "Why Evangelical?"

A New Series on "Why Evangelical?" July 27, 2009

Please visit the Evangelical Portal at Patheos.  It is the wellspring for many of our reflections here, and offers many resources too that never make it over to the blog.

One of the items drawing a lot of traffic right now is the first in our new series on “Why Are You an Evangelical?”  In this series we are going to interview a number of people, from pastors and professors to laity and young folks, on why they identify with the evangelical way of following after Christ.  They can also reflect, through the second question (“Where would you like to see evangelicalism 10 or 20 years from now?”) on what frustrates them about evangelicalism in its current form and how they would like to see it grow.

Jeff Barneson in many ways is the perfect person to begin the series.  You can see his interview, with some extra information, on Patheos here.  Or you can watch it below.

Jeff had guided several generations of evangelical students through Harvard, as he has been active with InterVarsity’s Graduate and Faculty Ministry there for nearly 25 years.

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