Beginning Tomorrow at Patheos: The Needs of the Orphan

Beginning Tomorrow at Patheos: The Needs of the Orphan August 12, 2009

Since we’re completing our month-long discussion on the triumphs and travails of working as a person of faith in the secular marketplace, we are beginning a two-week discussion (and partly as a response to the Public Square’s reflections on abortion) on adoption, foster care and other ways of responding to the needs of orphans.

Photo courtesy of cuellar at Flickr via C. C. License

The Bible is clear about God’s passion for the orphan and the widow–and what matters to God should matter to His church.  I will begin tomorrow (actually it may go on the Evangelical Portal Friday) with a transitional piece reflecting on my own experiences as a first-time father and what light they cast on the abortion and adoption issues.  Then we will follow with an excellent interview with Jedd Medefind, the new executive director of the Christian Alliance for Orphans, an umbrella organization for various adoption, orphan care, and international orphan care agencies and ministries.

Please remember to drop by and check it out.

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