"A Demographic Problem"

"A Demographic Problem" August 26, 2009

I want to share this with folks and ask what they think.  First, watch the video:


Then, consider: do you find anything in this video offensive or wrong?  If it were speaking of Jews, for instance, would you consider it anti-Semitic?  Is this an example of religious bigotry, or of Christians who want the gospel of Christ to spread around the world, and are finding in Islam a barrier to that profession of faith?  I’m very curious to hear how people respond.

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  • Kathleen Mulhern

    The video strikes me as fear-mongering. While it may be legitimate to address the Christian faith concern about the growth of Islam, the video does not put its statistics within that context until the very end. The larger question — perhaps even more politically incorrect, I suppose — is whether there is anything worth preserving about “western civilization,” the Judeo-Christian foundation that issued from and shaped European and North American culture. Do the statistics in this video “threaten” that? and is that a cause for concern?