Upcoming Movie: The Blind Side

Upcoming Movie: The Blind Side August 27, 2009

Having finished a recent month-long conversation on Faith@Work, and since the Public Square recently discussed abortion, we at the Evangelical Portal at Patheos have been spending a few weeks talking about adoption and other forms of care for the orphan.  I’m particularly proud of the interview of Jedd Medefind, President of the Christian Alliance for Orphans, who was incredibly articulate in his explanation of the plight of the orphan around the world, of the need for adoption, foster-care and orphan-care, and of the word of grace that should be spoken to the young woman considering abortion.  I am also proud to have articles from my father and my mother, both reflecting on the adoption of my sister from Korea.  I am blessed with incredibly loving parents, and their reflections on my sisters’ adoption are deeply moving.  I’m hoping my sister, who is very busy, will have time to write her own piece soon.

In the meantime, I popped over to the blog maintained by the Christian Alliance for Orphans.  They link to a preview for an upcoming movie called The Blind Side.  Could be worth seeing.  It would seem to speak, at least, to the capacity to become a mother in the deepest and most important sense to a person who is not a biological son.  What do you think?


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