Morning Report, September 1

Morning Report, September 1 September 1, 2009

I have to postpone today’s “Morning Report” because I am trying to finish an article for Patheos.  In the meantime, however…

1.  One point for conversation.  A commenter here suggests that Senators perhaps should be elected again by the state legislatures.  It’s unclear to me whether this is intended as a general statement, but it makes sense at least as a specific remedy for situations where the Senator dies or leaves his/her seat.  So, why should the Massachusetts legislature not vote on a replacement for Ted Kennedy?  It would indeed be faster than a general election, and more democratic than an appointment.  Not a bad idea.

2.  Also, apparently the majority of advertisements in August–of which there were many thousands–were in support of health care reform.  This rather frustrates the notion that the reformers are the scrappy little guys fighting against the overwhelming power of moneyed interests, doesn’t it?

3.  Finally, in the spirit of inter-religious dialogue, I think we should reach out to this church:

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