Sunday Funnies and Inspiration, September 13

Sunday Funnies and Inspiration, September 13 September 13, 2009

1.  First the funnies.  I would not have posted this yesterday, but by way of giving a strange nod toward 9/11, and remembering the silliness of the ‘truthers,’ I thought I’d bring out this from The Onion:

2.  Second the inspiration.  In doing research for evangelical perspectives on the environment–and what evangelicals tend to call “creation care,” I came across these videos on “God of Wonders.”  These are beautiful videos — rather like those you see in Planet Earth, or Winged Migration — put together with verses describing the beauty of creation, and the extraordinary power of the God who could have brought it into being.

Unfortunately I cannot embed any of their videos.  But you click on this Introduction to get a sense of the series.  Both on the large scale subjects, and on the small scale subjects, the videos are beautiful and inspiring.  I do not always agree with the theology set forth, but that’s a minor complaint.

Also, I will mention a video I referenced earlier this week, in which the character of God is glimpsed through the humble dog.  Here too I have misgivings, but nonetheless it’s a beautiful and inspiring piece of work:

Happy Sunday.

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