Blogopticon 09 30 09: Plumbing Demons and Spiritual Formation

Blogopticon 09 30 09: Plumbing Demons and Spiritual Formation September 30, 2009

Today the Blogopticon highlights a new blog from Kathy Tuan-MacLean.  Kathy and I have been in a writing group together for the past 5 years, and she has been a friend for 7 years.  She’s a wise and deeply authentic woman.  A selection:

Often mothers experience tremendous guilt around these changes, thinking they’ve become unspiritual, godless, prayerless and faithless. As a Chinese-American performance junkie, my faith BK often revolved around an activist faith, where I pursued God and encouraged students and faculty to pursue with me. But when my life became subsumed with spurting milk ducts, hormonal swings and exploding diapers, there wasn’t much I could “do” for God. When our perception of God’s love for us revolves around our performance, we can quickly sink into discouragement as we lose our ability to perform.The good news is that the chaos, exhaustion and transition of motherhood gives us the opportunity to step into a better theology—one where God pursues us, and where we matter solely because we are His beloved. New motherhood gives us an unparalleled opportunity to learn and experience God’s grace as we embrace a new season of life. The good news for those of us who juggle many roles is that learning these deep truths about God and ourselves will only deepen and mature our character, our work and our relationships.

Here are some lessons and hints I’ve learned along the journey:

Click here to read the lessons Kathy has learned.

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