Cross Investigations: Andy Crouch on Theological Renewal

Cross Investigations: Andy Crouch on Theological Renewal March 27, 2010

The first question in the Cross Investigations series is this: “Evangelical churches are showing renewed interest in theology and theological training.  If the church in America could recover one area of doctrine or theological tradition (i.e., ecclesiology, pneumatology, doctrine of election), what should it be?”

Andy Crouch
Andy Crouch

I have been pondering this question myself for quite some time, and I posed it to Andy Crouch last November on the campus of Harvard University.  His response was compelling.  Andy — author of Culture-Making and a writer/editor extraordinaire for Christianity Today International and Books and Culture — is a creative talent and always willing to think outside the box.  Since Andy is a contributor to  Cross Investigations, I thought I would add the following video to the mix:

Andy, as you will see in a few days, is not the only person to suggest that eschatology, tied to a vision for transforming the world in the here and now, is sorely needed amongst evangelical churches.

So what do you think?  What do evangelicals need to recover from the rich theological traditions of the Christian church?

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