Our Coverage on CLS v. Martinez

Our Coverage on CLS v. Martinez June 28, 2010

Our interviews with some of the major players in the CLS v Martinez case are beginning to go live.  We just posted interviews with Michael McConnell (whom we had interviewed earlier), who argued the case on behalf of CLS before the Supreme Court, and Marci Hamilton, who sides very much with Hastings.

A quote or two from McConnell:

“Essentially, the court declined to rule on most of our arguments, so the impact is that there will be a lot more litigation in the future. We certainly have not lost on the important questions in the case.”

“I expect that we will prevail. It’s just going to be a lot longer slog than we had hoped it would be. And nationwide, a number of universities are going to look at this and see whether it’s going to be a way to shut down organizations that they don’t want to put up with. That means there will be litigation all over the country.”

From Marci Hamilton:

“The Supreme Court said that government can enforce an anti-discrimination rule. Every woman, every minority, homosexuals, everyone who is discriminated against, has a reason to celebrate. So that’s a good chunk of our society.”

“What your talking about is the spin being given to the case by Michael McConnell…I will not accept that somehow liberty is being suppressed just because religious groups cannot get money from a university. That is a real distortion.”

We will have an interview with David French of the ADF up very soon, and you can return here to Cross and Culture for updates.

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