Introducing Philosophical Fragments

Introducing Philosophical Fragments September 16, 2010

This blog takes its title from Philosophical Fragments, a brief and brilliant work published in 1844 by the Danish religious thinker, Søren Kierkegaard.  It seemed particularly apt since what I hope to offer in this blog are (1) philosophical distinctions that are germane to contemporary discussions on faith, politics and culture, in (2) a daily, fragmentary form.  My writing tends to expand, and the only way I can commit myself to a blog is by making it abundantly clear from the beginning that i will offer one thought, and only one thought, per weekday.  Weekends are optional.

As always, my motto is that neither party has a monopoly on good ideas or good intentions.  I am less interested in debating the motives of pastors or writers or politicians than in debating the ideas they place in social circulation.  While my theological instincts are moderate-evangelical, and my social and political instincts are moderate-conservative, I regarding unthinking conformity to any ideology as the sign of a weak and slavish mind.  So I hope that every reader will eventually find something offensive or disagreeable in what I write, but I also hope that every reader will have some modicum of respect for the process that leads me to believe and write the things I believe and writer.

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