The Daily Trinity – Wednesday, September 29th

The Daily Trinity – Wednesday, September 29th September 29, 2010


1.  BE ALERT: Yes, my friends, the terrorism threat remains, and it is real.

2.  THE TRUTH IS REVEALED: Nancy Pelosi is an oil and gas giant.  So was her promise that this would be “the most honest, the most open, the most ethical Congress in history” just hot air?

3.  PURELY COINCIDENTAL: Shortly after polling data reveals that many Americans doubt the sincerity of Obama’s professions of Christian faith, or at least do not recognize Obama’s Christianity as historic Christianity, Obama and family go for the first time from the White House to church, and Obama opens up about the experiences that led him to faith.

4.  THE NEW YORK TIMES: “While the Right has traditionally responded to its aggrieved sense of alienation with anger, Beck is not particularly angry.”

5.  CONSEQUENTLY: Distrust in American media reaches an all-time high.


1.  ILL/INFORMED? The Pew Forum releases a slew of data on Americans’ knowledge of religions.

2.  EAT THE RICH: John Stossel on the perils of “taxing the rich.”

3.  BABYLON ON THE POTOMAC: I think Michael Gerson irritates most constituencies from time to time, because he has that peculiar habit of thinking for himself.  But when he’s right, you’re glad he’s on your side — at least on this issue.


1.  AROUND THE ‘WORLD’: A crackdown on Afghan Christians.


3.  NO SHOCKER: Why Protestants don’t know more about other religions.

4.  WISH MORE PASTORS WOULD READ THIS: The stats on evangelicals are not as bad as you’ve been led to believe (thanks Barna!).

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