Sunday Funnies, June 5th

Sunday Funnies, June 5th June 5, 2011

“Thumbs Up for Rock and Roll!”  Hilarious.  I don’t know if this is a future President, future dictator, or future exercise guru, but this kid will go far:

If you like the thought of a Boy George wannabe wearing various Dumbledore robes, surrounded by others who are (apropos of nothing) twirling flags in the air, singing a hit tune, this video’s for you.  What astonishes me is that we did not fall on the floor laughing when we saw this stuff.  At least, I didn’t.  I still remember walking around with this tape in my Walkman and this music filling my ears, thinking this is cutting edge:

Cat Mother Hugs Baby Kitten:

Japanese Girls Play a Hilarious Prank with a Polaroid:

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