(Worst) Father of the Year Award

(Worst) Father of the Year Award August 29, 2011

Sloan Briles is a real winner:

A California man was arrested for investigation of throwing his crying 7-year-old son into the water from a sightseeing cruise boat during an argument that shocked other passengers, authorities said Monday.

…”The father hit him several times and then threatened to throw him overboard if he didn’t stop crying,” Amormino said. “The crowd on the boat became very angry at the father for hitting the kid and extremely angry when he threw him overboard.”

The child was rescued from the water and given back to his mother.  In other parenting news:

1.  Treating one child as a favorite, according to a new study, leads to higher rates of depression both for the less-favored children and for the favored child.

2.  Children, with the help of their father, sue their mother for bad parenting — and lose.  Read all about it.

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