Special Father’s Day Link

Special Father’s Day Link June 14, 2012

With father’s day looming, I couldn’t resist linking to this story, in which a woman expresses shock and dismay that the father of her child, who has also sired 20 other children with 15 other women, does not turn out to be such a great daddy.

Read about it here.

Of course, at the time, she had only known that he had four other children with other women.  So he seemed like a winner!

Of course, for the woman’s daughter, this is no joke.  Quoth the article:

Shields says Turnage hasn’t really shown up in his daughter’s life, “She calls him and it`s a ‘hi’ and ‘bye’, ‘see you later’ type of situation.”

Shields says Turnage doesnt typically pay child support either, but when he has, the monthly checks have been $6 to $9.

I feel like borrowing from John McCain to say, “The fundamentals of our culture, however, are strong.”

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