Breakfast Links: The Three Deadliest Words, Galilean Gangsta, Can a Christian Be President?

Breakfast Links: The Three Deadliest Words, Galilean Gangsta, Can a Christian Be President? October 19, 2012

Breakfast Links for 10/19/12:

Faith & Religion

Three Deadliest Words: “It’s a Girl”: A girl’s life in these places is cruel and short. Better to end it at the outset (besides, there are too many of their kind in the first place, seems the implication)…But horrible as the film shows such practices to be, is it all that different from any system in which our existence depends upon our worth, and our worth upon our cost?

Brian D. McLaren: Why We’re Leaving Church – a Report From the “Nones”

The Year of Faith: Re-igniting the Romance: “Year of Faith . . . what would that look like for someone who has been practicing the faith for many years, for someone who fell head over heels in love with Jesus in young adulthood, and now, a number of years later, finds the romance is gone?”

The Gangsta From Galilee: “The lesson is simple: we need not sterilize the fruits of the Spirit into the sort of thing that paralyzes and compromises. Paul never said ‘the fruit of the Spirit never offends, never hurts feelings, never makes people uncomfortable.’”

The ‘Jesus Wife’ Fragment a Forgery?: But for those of you who wanted to place more faith in the veracity of fragmentary postcards than the canon of scripture, you have my sympathies for falling for what now appears to be a rather amateurish forgery.

You Can’t Be President and Follow Jesus: “You can’t wear two hats, a religious one and a secular governmental one, and follow Jesus. Jesus invites us to count all things as rubbish besides knowing him.”



Lara Logan video at Real Clear Politics: Obama Pushing Major “Lie” That Taliban is Weakened

Bill Galston and Mark McKinnon: The “No Labels” Movement – Stop Fighting and Start Fixing

Charles Hurt: Sketchy Math

Satyajit Das: Debt Is Drowning the American Dream

Karl Rove: Obama Won the Debate, But Is Losing the Argument

Nick Kalman: Women Rally Behind Romney and “Binder” Comment

Romney Was Right to Demand Facts About Bengazi-gate: “There’s no walking this one back. The President had the chance to admit his mistake. Instead he doubled down on dumb.”

Ezra Klein: Romney’s Biggest Problem is George W. Bush

Victor Davis Hanson: A Bright and Shining Libyan Lie

Naomi Schaeer Riley: The Mormon Model for Welfare – A System That Works

George Neumayr: Enemies of the State

Politics and Despair: “I hate that I’ve become so cynical. I wish I wasn’t. I wish I could be confident and have faith that people in politics can stand for something and can hold to their principles. But I don’t anymore.”

Nicholas D. Kristof: Scott’s Story, Obama’s Health Care Law and the Election

George F. Will: Congress Off-loads Legislative Responsibility to the Federal Reserve

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