Christianity and Christian Patriarchy are not the same thing.

Christianity and Christian Patriarchy are not the same thing. December 22, 2012

Woman with a Bible, apron, pie and cross.

A moment of clarification: If you read my previous post and thought I was issuing a call to arms against the Christian religion, please be aware of this distinction. The Christian Patriarchy movement is a subculture that developed in the 1980s as part of the Moral Majority conservative movement, and now espouses a number of beliefs and practices that are not inherent in Christianity. These include:

-The “headship and submission” model of marriage
-Women as exclusively homemakers (no careers or college allowed)
-Homeschooling and sometimes “home-churching” to control and limit secular influences
-“Stay at home daughters” who remain under their fathers’ explicit authority until marriage
-Father-led courtship as the means by which marriages are contracted
-Anti-birth control “quiverfull” doctrine that leaves a family’s number of children “in God’s hands”
-Political activism against LGBTQ rights and abortion
-Dominionism, the belief that America must be “reclaimed” for Christ through political infiltration

Libby Anne has provided an excellent compilation of articles explaining what Christian Patriarchy is and why it’s harmful here. Christian Patriarchy is also discussed in Kathryn Joyce’s book Quiverfull, and No Longer Quivering’s FAQ here.

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