Does Planned Parenthood Even Know What An Abortion Is?

Does Planned Parenthood Even Know What An Abortion Is? February 29, 2012

So, there’s a bit of controversy surrounding the proposed informed consent law in Virginia that would require women seeking abortions to have an ultrasound. Of course, radical abortion advocates find this offensive. Because women can’t be trusted with information about their bodies, I guess.

Couple of points:

  1. If they really care about women’s health then wouldn’t they want an abortion doctor to do an ultrasound so that the doctor can accurately know the age of the fetus and perform the abortion with as little risk to the mother?
  2. In what other health scenario is a patient not given detailed information about her condition? If I break a bone, I’m shown an x-ray. If I have a tumor, clot, etc., I’m shown a scan. Why withhold the information now? -Except for the fact that the truth of the ultrasound also reveals the truth about abortion, namely that it destroys a living human being.

But this New York Times piece makes me wonder if Planned Parenthood and co. even know what an abortion is. You see, they’re protesting the informed consent legislation by saying that the vaginal ultrasound required early in the pregnancy is akin to ….. RAPE. Really? Really.

“Akin to rape,” one legislator called the bill. “Asking doctors to commit a sex crime,” declared another. Liberal women’s groups fanned outrage over “forced vaginal penetration,” and Virginia was mocked on comedy shows.

Planned Parenthood echoes the sentiments:

“There are no other situations where the legislature injects itself into the examining room and dictates how physicians practice,” said Dr. Scott Spear, medical director for Planned Parenthood in central Texas and the Austin region.

So my question for these abortion advocates: Do you know what an abortion is and how it takes place? It involves forced and often painful vaginal penetration, FYI.

Is abortion rape? If you follow their logic, it certainly sounds like it.

And, btw, if there weren’t laws governing how physicians practice, there would be no medical malpractice suits…

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