Real Soldiers.

 .The BBC has this great piece about Kurdish fighters stopping to rescue this young disabled child who'd been abandoned in the desert for approximately two days. You know you're dealing with a real soldier when he or she stops to help a child. (Sorry, but the BBC video doesn't appear to have an embed option.) The Kurds seem to be amazing heroes. I never even knew they existed until St. John Paul II mentioned them in the Sunday Angelus - on multiple occasions. If anyone knows of a … [Read more...]

USCCB Requests Prayers Specially Today For Iraq. Plus, More Reality TV That We Should Be Watching.

Reuters photo of Yazidi fleeing Sinjar

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops has asked that today, Sunday, August 17, be marked as a day of special prayer for peace in Iraq. It's the least we can do for all those suffering religious persecution - Yazidis, Christians, and Muslims - in Iraq.The above video comes from an article in The Daily Mail that appears to be legit. More reality TV that we should be watching. The article details the treatment of women captured by the Islamic State, including:A doctor conducts virginity … [Read more...]

The Best Article I’ve Read On Robin Williams


I've held off writing anything on Robin Williams as I don't know much about him except that I'm grateful for all the times he made me laugh and his suicide suggests his ability to make us laugh came from a place of deep, deep suffering.But I just read Ben Stein's piece and hope you will, too. Yes, he has some strong opinions about psychoactive anti-depressant drugs. You can take that up with him. I'm no expert in that area.Stein offers a solution. It isn't some vague concept of … [Read more...]

The Reality TV We Should Be Watching

From Newscom via "The Daily Signal."

 CNN has excellent footage of delivering food to the Yezidis in Iraq and rescuing some of them. People need to see this footage. This is how bad it it is for Yezidis and Christians. H/T The Daily Signal which has an excellent photo essay on this topic. Here's a teaser. Do visit TDS for the whole series.These are real people.This is real suffering.This is religious persecution.The Vatican, through the Council for Interreligious Dialogue issued a statement enuntiating … [Read more...]

Genocide. The Price of Leading from Behind.


Iraq. It's not looking good.Earlier today, I posted: "Iraq. Genocide. 'Never Again' Should Cue Something More Than A James Bond Movie."At that point, the WSJ was reporting that the US Military might start to get involved, particularly with dropping supplies to the Christians and other religious minorities who are being forced out of their homes as the Islamic State advances.Pope Francis made an urgent appeal today. Some bullet points -The attacks are being waged upon … [Read more...]

Iraq. Genocide. “Never Again” Should Cue Something More Than A James Bond Movie.


The Wall Street Journal reports today that the U.S. military is considering airstrikes and emergency relief supplies to the religious minorities in Iraq who are being forced out by the Islamic State (aka ISIS).Finally.Patheos bloggers have been covering the story consistently. I wrote about it early on, including an email from a Dominican priest who was near Mosul and described the activities of then ISIS.The situation in Iraq is very, very bad. Read Deacon Greg's piece describing … [Read more...]