My Podcast – Catholic Answers Live – Divorce, Remarriage, & Communion


On Monday, I was a guest on Catholic Answers Live to discuss something really easy and noncontroversial....marriage, divorce, etc. There were a lot of calls and the conversation centered mostly around annulment.Here's the podcast.A previous guest post: "Advice From An Annulment Advocate."And a previous post of mine: "Annulment: A  Right And A Healing."As we come up to the next Synod on the Family, it's all too apparent that we, the Church, need to be doing a lot more to help … [Read more...]

4 Things You Should Know About International Women’s Day


In Rome, International Women's Day is celebrated with small bouquets of mimosa flowers. The guys that typically sell you umbrellas and odd gimmicks come armed with these bouquets only for today, a lovely gesture.But my time in Rome taught me that International Women's Day wasn't as innocuous a celebration as it might sound. What I learned in Rome was word of mouth from those who grew up in communist or socialist countries, but there's a current opinion piece by Antony Davies and James … [Read more...]

The #1 reason I’m ok with the SNL skit about ISIS.

Irony. Sheer unadulterated tragic hilarious i.r.o.n.y.The first time I saw the video, I couldn't stop laughing. My reaction had little to do with ISIS or terrorism. No, it was Dakota Johnson. For weeks I've been musing over the fact that there has to be something really wrong with women/men/sex/relationships/marriage/the world. On the one hand, we've got millions of women reading 5o Shades of Grey and on the other we have women and young girls running off to become ISIS brides.Some might … [Read more...]

CNN, “Finding Jesus”, & Conversation


So, I've been meaning to share the news of my new job; but things have been so busy that I never seem to get around to it. However, to situate this post, the background would help. On December 1, I started as the Associate Dean of the Augustine Institute's new Orange County campus at Christ Cathedral. It's been a great experience and I'll be sharing more about the role in future posts.Monday night, we joined  the Orange Catholic Foundation and the Diocese of Orange to host a screening of C … [Read more...]

Who’s Charlie Now?

It was just a few weeks ago, days really, that most people in France and many around the world were saying, even at the Golden Globes (right?), "Je suis Charlie," ["I am Charlie."] identifying with the staff at the French publication Charlie Hebdo who were brutally murdered by Islamic extremists.While I am not a supporter of the content that Charlie Hebdo generated, I will defend their right to say what they said.Interestingly, last week, a French court convicted three people for writing … [Read more...]

“Charlie Hebdo” – Free Speech Or A Very Different Issue Altogether?

The inexcusable and inhuman attacks on the staff of the French publication Charlie Hebdo have prompted some good discussion about free speech. But is free speech really the issue? George Weigel writes what may be the most interesting article on this topic and maintains that the Charlie doesn't actually fall under the category of satire. Rather its tone is closer to nihilism. The issue is not about rights, but about deeper philosophical considerations that shape our very understanding of the … [Read more...]