Future for the US Church? Stop Evangelizing Through the Courts and the Legislature.

Like many, I grew up in a Catholic family, attended Catholic grade school, CCD, youth group, Mass, etc. I even got confirmed a year earlier than I should have. No, I wasn't pious. I just wanted to be confirmed with all my friends and they happened to be older than I. (To this day, I'm convinced that the Holy Spirit used this to my good.) But I didn’t believe in most of it because I didn’t even know what there was to believe.It wasn't until I attended a dynamic Catholic college, that I act … [Read more...]

Dear David Brooks: I Needed That Laugh. Thanks!

David Brooks has a hilarious piece in The New York Times today.  (H/T James Taranto, "Best of the Web.") Arguing that it's not constructive to have culture wars, he offer some advice to Christians - We live in a society plagued by formlessness and radical flux, in which bonds, social structures and commitments are strained and frayed. Millions of kids live in stressed and fluid living arrangements. Many communities have suffered a loss of social capital. Many young people grow up in a sexual and … [Read more...]

Same-Sex Marriage Wasn’t Decided Today

It was decided decades ago, perhaps even almost 100 years ago. The United States population did not wake up a few years ago and say, "Hey, we want to redefine marriage." We have been living the redefinition of marriage for much longer.Some will point to the 7th Lambeth Conference in 1930, whereby the Anglican Church allowed for the use of birth control by married couples. Soon after, many other Christian denominations followed suit.Fast forward to 1968. One year before the summer of lo … [Read more...]

3 Sources To Understanding Pope Francis’ Encyclical “Laudato Si'”

If you're like most of us, you don't have time to digest the almost 200 pages of Pope Francis' new encyclical Laudato Si' right away, certainly not this morning.Here are three sources that I found helpful.First, start with John Allen's latest column, "If ‘Laudato Si’ is an earthquake, it had plenty of early tremors." He gives a good overview of instruction on the environment from Popes Paul, John Paul II, and Benedict XVI. It always help to know where we've come from in order to unders … [Read more...]

Cardinal Kasper – The Pope Didn’t Endorse My Proposal

We live in a soundbite world. Of that, there is no doubt. Before, during, and after the Extraordinary Synod on the Family last year, the question of whether the divorced and remarried can receive the sacrament of Holy Communion was and continues to be passionately debated.Sadly, too many Catholics, including some clergy, rely only on the headlines and soundbites to inform themselves and the result of the debate has been growing confusion that somehow the Church has changed it's teaching on … [Read more...]

Summer Learnin’

What are you doing this summer? Vacation? Sounds good. But what about a graduate course on Christian Marriage? After all, marriage is a pretty hot topic these days. Plus, we've got the World Meeting of Families coming up, not to mention the Ordinary Synod on the Family in October.Are you ready?I'll be teaching this course for the Augustine Institute in Denver, along with the esteemed Dr. Edward Sri and Lucas Pollice. Lest we rest in theory, we'll be joined by marriage coaches Matt and … [Read more...]