Why I’m Grateful to Cardinal Kasper: “Remaining in the Truth of Christ.”


I am grateful to Cardinal Kasper. Indeed, I've long had a particular respect for him because I often attended daily Mass that he reverently offered at Santa Maria in Trastevere, a beautiful ancient Roman church with a vibrant parish community. He was usually assisted by seminarians and he was consistently emphatic in his teaching and formation of the seminarians even during the Mass.That made a lasting impression on me. I saw that he was a priest who took the sacrifice of the Mass very … [Read more...]

Pope Francis’ Pre-Synod


Opinions have not been lacking in the lead up to the Synod on the family, which begins in Rome on October 5. And now, as I read a preview copy of Remaining in the Truth of Christ, the response to by five Cardinals and some additional scholars to Cardinal Kasper's The Gospel of the Family, I am more convinced than ever that Pope Francis essentially arranged a pre-Synod.First, there was the survey that was sent out to all the episcopal conferences around the world. It was not an unprecedented … [Read more...]

To Vaccinate Or Not? Safety Net or No Safety Net?


Ok, setting aside theology and Church related topics to dive into...vaccines!The Wall Street Journal has an article detailing the increase in some diseases, the rates of which infection had decreased substantially because of vaccinations. Over the past decades, there has been an increasing movement to delay or refuse vaccinations for children.To me, it never made much sense. The only way your unvaccinated child can be relatively safe from these diseases is if...everyone else vaccinates … [Read more...]

Marriage Isn’t Everything.

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Good post by an Evangelical pastor, Kevin A. Thompson, whose work I've cited before. [Marriage. What Does Peace Have To Do With It & Are We Ready To Do The Work Of Peace?] He writes: Many people undervalue marriage. This is why I spend a lot of time writing about its importance, pleading for spouses to take it seriously, and highlighting the value which comes when we hold marriage in high regard....It is an equal mistake to over value marriage—to exalt it above what it was created to b … [Read more...]

Padre Pio. Just A Simple Priest.


Today is the feast of St. Pio of Pietralcina, known to most of his devotees as simply Padre Pio. He received the stigmata (the wounds of Christ) at a very young age and they remained until he died. Ironically, as this bio notes, he lived sick and died healthy, with the stigmata healed.Despite the stigmata, he was in many ways, just a simple priest.I'm named after him; so when I had the opportunity to visit San Giovanni Rotondo, where he lived most of his life as a Capuchin and a priest, … [Read more...]

Link Between Birth Control and MS?


A new study indicates that there may be a link between some forms of oral contraceptives and multiple sclerosis.As a Catholic, I see a lot of reasons as to why the Catholic teaching on birth control makes sense. Others have done a fine job explaining those reasons, most notably Prof. Janet Smith . Patrick Coffin also does a great job in his book Sex Au Naturel. And of course, there's Simcha Fisher. There are many others, but these are a few to address the basic question of Church … [Read more...]