5 Practical Ways You Can Respond To The Planned Parenthood Videos Right Where You Live

5 Practical Ways You Can Respond To The Planned Parenthood Videos Right Where You Live August 11, 2015

This summer has brought a series of stunning videos from the Center For Medical Progress to our computer screens. These unfiltered videos highlight the secondary business of the selling of baby body parts after an abortion has been performed. They’re barbaric and gruesome, and all of the spin in the world `splainin’ away the cavalier talk by Planned Parenthood execs of Lamborgini purchases and how to get the most money out of each aborted child’s body parts doesn’t erase the hideous truth about what’s been going on right under our collective noses for years.

bellyEven some who’ve been staunch pro-abortion defenders have had to rethink the consequences of their position. In his piece entitled “I Don’t Know If I am Pro-Choice Anymore”, Daily Beast columnist Ruben Navarette, Jr. recognized that he can’t unsee what he saw in those videos: “As I’ve only realized lately, to be a man, and to declare yourself pro-choice, is to proclaim your neutrality. And, as I’ve only recently been willing to admit, even to myself, that’s another name for ‘wimping out.'” He’s still pondering this might mean in terms of his long-held position, but he’s definitely moved off the dime when it comes to his own passivity. May the principles of Newton’s First Law continue in his life and the lives of many others who have been forced out of their own inertia on the subject. 

Abortion had for many become a background issue. It’s been 42 years since Roe V. Wade made abortion the law of the land, and many have grown weary of fighting in the political arena what seemed to be an endless losing battle. But this summer, it’s again more than an abstract political debate. It requires some sort of response from each one of us who have been forced out of our own inertia by those videos. 

I’ve been a bit player in the pro-life movement, but advocating for life has been an expression of my faith. (Truly, none of us are bit players when it comes to this issue. We’re either actors or we’re scenery.) This faith that affirms that God alone has the power to create and end life, and that every life from zygote to antiquarian has value because he chose to make it. I’ve participated in a few group marches, served for two years as a foster parent for newborns whose birth moms were considering adoption, done a bit of writing on the topic, made a few phone calls to legislators, and am currently assisting a local crisis pregnancy center (CPC) with newsletters and online communications. My family’s recent history includes adoption, unplanned teen pregnancy, and a child born with Down Syndrome. I’ve had friends who’ve chosen abortion and regretted it, and others who have seemingly shrugged off the experience. The truth about those pre-born babies – and the weak, old, flawed, broken, and unrepentant alike – is the truth about all of us: we are God’s beloved image-bearers. Even those who appear to be enemies of life

I read the irrepresible Bob Goff’s Love Does this summer, and his words reminded me of the eternal value of the verb “love”. This summer’s Son Of Dr. Mengele videos may provide the stimulus to move those of us who hold a pro-life position from a weary “What can I do? It’s been 42 years” or “I’m just one person and this problem is so…macro” to doing somethinganything (!) because love is the opposite of inertia.

Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love. – Mother Theresa, pro-life champion

Here are five modest suggestions for doing somethinganything that will make a pro-life difference in someone’s life, including your own. Is there one that speaks to you?

(1) Pray. Certainly you can pray for policy changes, and for changes of heart among those working at abortion clinics and among those buying pre-born babies body parts. But sometimes, the one who needs your prayers is the young woman in your town who just found out she’s pregnant, and she doesn’t want to be. She’s scared to death. Pray life for her and her child. Pray she finds her way to her local CPC, where they’ll help her (and the baby’s father, if he’s involved) put together a support team that will enable her to choose life. While you’re at it, pray for wisdom and sensitivity for each person working at the CPC. They’re on the front lines of this battle.

(2) Buy a package of diapers or two. Donate them to the CPC, a local food pantry, or directly to a struggling mom in need.

(3) There are some excellent recovery ministries like this one for women who’ve had an abortion and now regret it. If it isn’t you, it is likely someone you know. Your local CPC can make a referral.

(4) Some of you may want to get on mailing lists of organizations like this that can keep you informed about pending legislation so you can contact your lawmakers.

(5) Your church or community may have an organization like this one or this one that can mentor teen parents. Do you have a skill or some time you can share?

What “small thing with great love” would you add to this list?    

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