Spell Casting to Word Processing

Spell Casting to Word Processing November 25, 2016

Many new witches focus on spell casting as their main priority when they first get into the craft.  I mean we are witches, and witches cast spells, right?  So much time and energy copying correspondences from multiple sources trying to compile the perfect resource, while flipping through spell after spell until finding one that seems to vibrate with old magic.  This was my goal; to filter through layer upon layer of lore until I reached the deeper core of magic I was looking for.  It seemed the more I studied and understood about modern witchcraft, the more I craved something older and more primal.  It was this realization that led me back to study herb lore and various types of folk magic, the charms and chants albeit with their Christian influences, spoke to me of older magic.  This led me to the path of traditional witchcraft.

Although, my craft has grown and matured over the years like I have, I still can’t shake the feeling I get when I am not actively connecting with the Unseen realm.  If I go too long without some type of spiritual or magical contact I feel as though I am not living up to my full potential or somehow not fulfilling my purpose.  If I dwell on this for too long it can send me into a deep depression.  I suspect it is part of our magical nature to feel this way.  It is our insatiable need to connect to the source of our power that keeps calling us back to the Witches Sabbath.

We all make sacrifices for the things that we want out of life.  Sometimes it can be easy to forget the reward that comes from the sacrifices we make.  All magic is sacrifice, whether energy, intention, or blood we give something to get something in return.  I would do well to remember my own sacrifices and why I made them when I feel this way.  Sacrifices made to the material world, time spent working and studying for a better life, for the opportunity to live one’s true purpose.

Bedside Altar. Photo by Coby Michael.
Bedside Altar. Photo by Coby Michael.

Magical practice not only connects us to those unseen forces around us, it also helps us to connect to the moment, and be fully present.  When we focus and direct our intent to connecting with the Unseen we become aware of all that is around us.  By making this connection and becoming aware, just like in meditation, we are able to connect with the moment and leave the mundane world behind.  There are many other ways that we as magical practitioners can make this connection to the spirit world.  Communicating with the spirits of the land is a common way that many witches connect to the Unseen, many of us do this unknowingly.

My connection is made through writing and study.  There is this idea that one can become lost in the mire of armchair occultism, however this is when I make some of my strongest connections.  My mind is open and my sprit is receptive during my occult studies.  I feel as though studying the occult opens a direct connection to these forces through the power of language.  Information is presented between the lines by Unseen forces as I record my notes.  I have also been practicing more free writing to incorporate into my blogging.  Many of my articles are based on additional research and study, however it is important to remember that one’s own ideas have value as well.  While I will never stop studying and reading the works of other Witches and Occultists I will try to remember that I am part of a living tradition, and I have many of my own diverse spiritually inspired ideas that I want to share with the magical world.


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