Principles of Correspondence in Plant Magick

Principles of Correspondence in Plant Magick January 12, 2019

Principles of Correspondence: Planetary Rulership 

Plant Magick 101: with Coby Michael Ward Proprietor of Poisoner’s Apothecary

January 19th, 2019 

In Western Esoteric traditions and magickal practice the universe is governed by seven primary forces.  These forces represent the physical and esoteric laws of nature that hold our universe together.  There are also Seven Hermetic Principles, which much of the western magickal tradition is based on.  The principles are like physical laws of gravity, inertia and cause and effect that explain how our reality works.  The Seven Classical Planets, of the ancient world, visible to the naked eye, provide categories of these archetypal characteristics.  A combination of physical, esoteric and mythological “flavors” that convey the energy, rulership and particularities of these universal forces.  

Natal Chart. pxhere. Creative Commons.

Doctrine of Signatures: Characteristics of natural matter that correspond to the seven planets.  Consisting of metals, minerals, plants, colors and spirits.  Based on texture, appearance, temperature, growing patterns and medicinal action.  

The Sun: health, vitality, energy, inspiration, manifestation, creativity and power. 

Plants that resemble the Sun in color and shape, and those that open and close based on the time of day.   

Those that effect the heart, eyes, blood, and make one warm and relaxed.   

Calendula, Chamomile, Centaury, St. John’s Wort, Frankincense, Clove, Citrus, Mistletoe 

The Moon: psychic enhancement, divination, dreams, healing, illusions, emotions, astral travel, subconscious, negating Sun/Mars influences.   

Plants that are medicinally sedative, hormone balancing, painkilling, cooling, moisturizing, sleep, and female reproductive system.  Those with a high water-content or that live near the water.  

Jasmine, lavender, mugwort, sandalwood, lily, morning glory, poppy. 

Mercury: intellect, memory, communication, spiritual guidance, messenger, travels between worlds, trickery, deception, invisibility, theft.  

Plants with feathery leaves, resembling the nervous system.  Plants effecting brain function, speech, thoughts, stimulation of lungs and nervous system.   

Fast growing, creeping, and winding plants with a strong but quickly fading scent.  

Combines well with other plant forces, acting as a catalyst.  

Licorice, mints, cardamom, eucalyptus, skullcap. Juniper, lemongrass. 

 Venus: love, fertility, sexuality, power of attraction, beauty, nature, harmony, abundance, talent, ability, acquisition of things of value, aphrodisiacs. Works against Mars influence. 

Fragrant, lush, flowering plants, with large, soft, furry leaves.  Plants of beautification, tonics, mild astringents.  Beneficial to kidneys and urinary tract.  

Rose, vervain, burdock, apple, damiana, thyme, passion flower, violet, lemon verbena.  

Mars: active energy, protection, power, aggression, fiery and fast. Works of wrath and vengeance, basic energy and physical strength, vitality, will, self-interest, sexual drive, will, self-interest.  

Plants that are thorny, prickly, strong or spicy in taste.  Heating and stimulating plants, blood purifiers, sexual potency. Helps repair injuries, blood purifiers and immuno-disorders.   

Ginger, galangal, tobacco, nettles, red sandalwood, chili pepper.  

Jupiter: Fortune, luck, prosperity, expansion, super-consciousness, personal power. Works involving faith, law and religion.  Works against Saturn. 

Plants that expand, relax, calm, and warm without sedation.  Effecting the arteries and digestive system, illnesses like anorexia and alcoholism.  Metabolism, building processes of the body.   

Nutritious fruits, olives, figs and nuts.   

Oak, pines, cedar, fennel, benzoin, agrimony, sage.  

Saturn: Binding, banishing, protection by boundaries, karma, long term workings, cutting off and restricting negativity. Witchcraft. Authority, discipline, restrictions imposed by others. 

Plants effecting the bones, muscles and teeth with cooling, constricting, drying qualities.  Plants effecting aging.   

Invasive plants, slow growing plants, and those that grow in the shade.  Poisonous plants. 

Myrrh, cypress, comfrey, horsetail, belladonna, henbane, cannabis.  

Four elements, four qualities, four humors. Wikipedia Creative Commons.

Elemental Correspondences 

Earth: building foundation, manifestation, materiality, fertility, grounding, healing, creating structure. Growth, prosperity, birth and death, luck, employment, alchemy, geomancy, making pentacles, garden magick, magnets, image, stone and knot magick. 

Grounding, burying, hiding, and accessing hidden depths.  

Plants that sedate and slow the body, plants that are receptive, fertile, moist. 

Oak, ivy, patchouly, sage, poppy petals, mosses, lichens, nuts. 

Air: expansion, wisdom, communication, movement, eloquence, spiritual knowledge, abstract learning, language, theories, ideas, beliefs, rebirth. 

Divination, magick using feathers, smoke, incense, fragrant flowers, suspending tools/charms.  Hanging items in trees, or items to blow in the wind, dream catchers, hanging charms, windchimes.  

Plants that disperse seeds through the air, feathery leaves, tall grasses, plants with a clean crisp fragrance.  

Dandelion, dill, lavender, yarrow, peppermint, sweet grass.  

Fire: passion, spirituality, willpower, protection, energy, transformation, courage, strength, purification, destruction, vitality, and hope.  

Evocation, pyromancy, candle magick, burning, heating and smouldering.   

Plants that are stinging, thorny, spicy or stimulating in nature.  Use when the body is heavy, chilled, thoughts are stagnant and motivation is lacking.  

Ginger, nettle, tobacco, pepper, cinnamon, dragon’s blood, angelica.  

Water: emotions, subconscious, healing, dreams, purification, alchemical transformation, ancestors, talismans, crystal scrying, baths and washes, libations, potion making, love, and psychic awareness. Sea, ice, snow, mirror magick. 

Plants that are soothing, water-loving, with receptive energy.  Balance and calm emotions, sleep cycle.  

Lobelia, lotus, coltsfoot, spearmint, willow, lady’s mantle.  


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