Deadly Delicacies from Emporium Black

Deadly Delicacies from Emporium Black August 18, 2019

I love introducing people to new things in the magical community.  I love networking with fellow practitioners and pointing people in the right direction to help meet their needs because I know how difficult this labyrinth can be to navigate.  It is with my greatest pleasure that I write this feature article/review for Emporium Black.  Not only do they have some truly unique products, but the company is ran by one of the nicest individuals you will ever meet, Seamus Black.  Seamus brings forth these amazing creations all while being a father, husband and working a full time job!  I really enjoy doing these featured articles on other walkers of the Poison Path, to get a peek into their practice and how they bring forth the powerful spirits within these sacred plants.  The Deadly Delicacies, of Emporium Black are a tongue-in-cheek name, giving a nod to the sinister reputation these herbs have acquired over the centuries.

Seamus (SHAY-mus) is a retired culinary artist, pastry chef and chocolatier.  He is an artist, occultist and visionary; combining delectable confectionery, plant spirit gnosis and herbal alchemy.  Seamus recently introduced us all to his premiere product, the “poison” truffle.  These dark and delicious delicacies are a synthesis of rich chocolates infused with herbal extracts, syrups and liquers based on the witching herbs of medieval witchlore and the entheogens of shamanic practice.  Seamus is an experienced psychonaut, having spent many years living on a Reservation.  He has worked closely with these plants and their spirits, creating an alchemical marriage using his unique skills.

“These plants will not make you high; that’s not what they are for.  The more meditative of a state you can be in after ingesting them, the more powerful the experience.” – Emporium Black

I was pleasantly surprised when I was asked to try some of the truffles and relay my experiences.  Being passionate about ritual entheogens, particularly the Nightshades I was completely up to the task!  The truffles arrived quickly after being shipped via priority mail.  It was probably the most secure I meticulous packaging I have ever recieved.  The inside of the box was competely insulated, and contained refridgerating gel packs to protect these beauties from the summer heat.  Everything was packed so securely that the truffels and their individual containers were still in impeccable condition.

Egyptian Henbane Honey Truffle

This was the first truffle I tried.  The chocolate was amazing and the subtle taste of the herb-infused honey was noticeable enough that you knew there was more than a trace amount of plant material in them.  The exact amounts are a trade secret, and Seamus is always happy to answer any questions potential customers might have.  The intital onset of the effects happened within an hour.  It came in gentle waves.  There was a pervasive feeling of warmth and detachedness, like the warm feeling you get when drinking a glass of wine.  The effects were gentle, but noticeable, leaving me in complete control but blurring the veil enough that it made slipping into trance effortless.  This was one was my favorite!

Belladonna Rose Truffle

On a separate occasion, I tried the Belladonna Rose Truffle.  Again, not sure what to expect, but having working with Belladonna alkaloids in the past I knew the territory into which I was heading.  The rose flavor was pervasive, not in a bad way.  You could taste and smell the roses long after eating the truffle, an interesting aromatic effect.  The flavor was exactly like the smell of fresh roses, and not artificial at all. The effects of this truffle came on in about an hour as well.  I noticed that it was a heavier feeling, characteristic of working with belladonna entheogenically.  It was more in the body than in the mind.  I did notice a slightly stimulating effect, that held me between sleep and wakefulness for an hour or two.

Datura Jasmine Truffle

The white chocolate coating of these truffles stand in stark contrast to the blue skull that sits atop it.  The chocolate is rich and smooth, the jasmine flavor is soft and sensual.  This truffle, is probably the most “dreamy” of the three.  Its initial effects are subtle, giving way to some of the most vivid dreams.  Neither more stimulating nor sedative, but somewhere in between.

Emporium Black has other flavors as well, including Brugmansia Bourbon Whiskey and Black Henbane Hazelnut.  I am sure that we can look forward to more fabulous creations!  These treats would be perfect in a group ritual setting.  They are the perfect size for individual consumption, and are a great way to work with these plants whether you are new to the Poison Path or looking for a different way to work with already familiar plant spirits.

Emporium Black is on Facebook and on Instagram @emporiumblack13


“Shipping is fast and perfectly packed for the hot summer months.
Last weekend I included my first truffle in a devotional rite and hedge crossing.
The truffle chosen? White Chocolate, Datura Jasmine.
The tempering of the chocolate is perfect, the Jasmine and White chocolate complement eachother so well, the flavor is out of this world. Oh! and the Ganache is so beautifully smooth… soft and pleasing, like velvet… this is what heaven must taste like.
The spirit of Datura is clearly present, the clarity of the transition, or sinking, is almost shocking in a way.
The spirits are welcoming of this ally of mine.
I honestly wish I could provide a grade of 11 stars, far more appropriate than a mere 5.” – Jess Mariet, customer review

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