Plant Spirit Familiars

Plant Spirit Familiars April 7, 2020

Plant Spirit Familiars

For millennia mankind has turned to the natural world for answers to the mysteries of life. The laws governing all things both seen and unseen can be understood through observation and interaction with nature. Our lives are inextricably linked to the natural world no matter how sterile and far removed our lives have become. We know that we always have a place to lie our heads in mother nature’s bosom no matter how long and how far we have been away. Our modern lives give us the impression that we are somehow no longer part of the natural world, that we have elevated ourselves beyond it. This is far from the case. The natural world is populated by spirits that are, despite humanity’s overall lack of care for the ecosystem; still wanting to work with us.

The first and most familiar place we have to turn to reconnect with the spirits of nature is the plant kingdom. Plants have played a major role in shaping the course of human evolution, and they continue to be major players in our day to day lives whether we recognize them or not. Whatever your beliefs are, there can be no doubt that plants have been put here to help us, to ease our pain, and bring us nourishment.
Plants are conduits for all sorts of energy. They are intermediaries that transform sunlight, filter toxins from the soil, and form an unseen network of communication with one another. Plants have a consciousness, one that we don’t yet completely understand. It is different from human consciousness, but it is there, nonetheless. Magical practitioners seek to connect with this consciousness. It is through the plant realm that we have some of the most ancient knowledge at our disposal.

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We can reach out to the plant kingdom in the same way that we would initiate any new relationship, by starting a conversation and building a rapport. This is achieved over time through plant spirit journeys undertaken to connect with the plant’s consciousness, while physically working with the plant through proximity and cultivation.

Beginning a plant-based practice opens one up to a wide array of different avenues that can be taken. Esoteric herbalism, medicinal herbalism, homeopathy and spagyric alchemy are just some of the modalities that this broad category touches on. Even if you are not focusing strictly on plant magic, you will quickly see the influence plants have had on magical practices at large.
As magical practitioners we naturally gravitate toward the natural world. Nature is where the Unseen expresses itself physically. All paths lead back to nature as the original source of our occult knowledge. Through perseverance and practice we have regained some of the knowledge that has been lost for so many years.

I have been working with plants all my life and have been working with them magically for over a decade. Plant spirits have been some of my closest allies and most influential teachers on this strange journey. They have taught me how not only to survive, but to thrive. Like those plants that thrive in adverse conditions, I have learned patience and resilience. Like our slow growing arboreal allies, I am playing a long game.

Online Workshop

In my most recent online course on plant magic, the Plant Spirit Familiar workshop; I go into detail on initiating contact and cultivating relationships with plants as spirit familiars. Over the course of four weeks participants are introduced to a number of spirits that populate the natural world and have been integral parts of occult lore.

We will explore innovative ways of working with these spirits and understanding the ways to get the most out of this beautiful partnership. To better appreciate how to interact with our botanical allies we will look at the different ways plants and fungi interact with one another and their environment. Through an understanding of plant habits and behavior, we can intuit parallels in our own interactions with them.
This course consists of four weekly videos and an online discussion group to promote interaction with other students and share additional material. By the end of the course participants will have a grasp on plant spirits in general, how they have been viewed throughout history, and how scientific information can help us to better understand the occult workings of plants from a magical point of view.

More information and course access can be found HERE!

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