Energy, Gender and Inspiration: Interview with Tarik Rever

Energy, Gender and Inspiration: Interview with Tarik Rever August 29, 2021

Tarik Rever

A few weeks ago, I attended the Astral Gather 2021, an annual event hosted by House Kheperu.  This year the even was virtual.  They had a weekend of interesting presentations.  One of my favorite presentations/demonstrations was done by Tarik Rever, whom I have had the pleasure of getting to know better through this interview.  We got to witness some really awesome meditative techniques, and energy work that literally crashed the camera!

Photo courtesy of Tarik Rever

Tarik Rever is a powerhouse.  I came to know Tarik, the spiritual practitioner, but they live and thrive in many worlds.  In addition to being a spiritual practitioner and energy worker, Tarik is an inter-dimensional traveler with a hand in activism, fashion and music.  It is hard to know where to start because they are involved in so many diverse projects.

As a fashion designer, Tarik has created wearable assisted technology for the disabled.  This is fashion with a purpose, a very personal endeavor as Tarik has been diagnosed with Myasthenia gravis, a rare neuromuscular disorder.  Tarik has been working within the community, networking and forming the social media platform, Social Bleu for individuals with disabilities.

Tarik is also a model, and draws inspiration from Victorian Gothic, David Bowie and even Asian Cinema.  The model and designer elevates gothic style with a keen eye for dystopian fashion and Victorian elegance.

The third component of this triple-threat, is music.  in their single “The Way,” Eastern instrumentals and otherworldly chanting are combined with electronic beats to create a a vibrational experience with hidden energy.

It is my pleasure to be sharing this interview with this amazing individual with all of you!  Without further ado, I present to you, Tarik Rever!

Tarik is a member of the LGBTQ+ community as well and identifies as non-binary, preferring the pronouns they/them.

You mention in your video, studying martial arts and other eastern techniques.  What is your background in this area?

T: (Before my disability, I studies Wing Tsun Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Judo, ground fighting and grappling.  I also went on to teach Wing Tsun Kung Fu.  Martial arts were truly valued in my family growing up. )

We all process and perceive energy in different ways.  Tarik is an experienced energy worker with a background in many modalities.

C:  How does gender, energy and perception connect in your practice?  Are these things mutually exclusive?  I often remember in ancient societies that individuals that were spiritual leaders were often genderfluid, something still seen in parts of the world today.

T: On gender I have no limitations with how I see myself.  Genderfluid energy and having heightened perception can greatly amplify the practitioners psychic and energy based abilities.

C: How does energy work come into practice in your day-to-day life?

T: It directs my daily activity on every level.  Our emotional compass in its true form is in alignment with the Universe.  They compliment each other and working with that energy has reinforced that union for me.

I attended one of Tarik’s presentations that was part of the House Kheperu Astral Gather.  House Kheperu is a group of likeminded individuals that would started by Michelle Belanger.

C: Are you a member of House Kheperu?  If so is this something you would be willing to discuss?

T: I am an Imassi of House Kheperu, someone that is an ally and has a kinship with them.

C: For those of us who don’t know, can you tell us what it means to be Kheprian?

T: Working alongside them, I feel a Kheprian is a scholar of ancient history.  Most pertaining to how different cultures have viewed the metaphysical work and ultimately their combined knowledge.  I am thankful to be in a position to exchange knowledge with them.  I co-founded a group called ANKH, and we also value the same areas of culture and both groups thusly have nurtured each other.

C:I get the sense that all of your work is very informed by your spiritual practice. Everything you do seems very conscious and very directed by energy and intent.  Is this the case, and what advice can you give others for infusing their own lives with this conscious vitality?

T: It’s common to get busy with the responsibilities of this world, but even if it is for just a moment each day try to meditate. Moving with spiritual energy is an option too such as dancing, martial arts, and exercise. When your intent is committed to unite this physical world with the metaphysical all is possible. For example your higher consciousness can use something as simple as even the circular motions of cleaning a kitchen countertop as a bridge that connects you to the infinite. )

Photo courtesy of Tarik Rever

C: Lately, I have really been drawn towards sounds/vibration as an energy source/tool lately, drums, singing bowls and singing.  Can you tell us a little bit about how sound can be used in energy work?

T: There are a multitude of ways that perception can shift in order to direct energy. Committed intent, visceral emotion for it is instinctive, motion to summon kinetic energy, and sound that can match the subatomic essence of the grand design. )

C: You use sound to not only move energy but to move your own consciousness. Are you using tuvan throat singing techniques or western polyphonic singing?

T:  I use some polyphonic accents and something else I can’t quite identify by name. The vibrational tones that signify different dimensional planes are woven into my vocal range. )

C: Your music has a very otherworldy quality that is simultaneously ancient and futuristic. You song The Way combines eastern instrumentals, chanting and electronic beats.  How would you describe you music, and the creative process?

T: When I feel a strong pull of emotion I quiet the mind to feel what tone or voice it has. In a way it is at first just embers so I breathe life into it till it burns bright with song. )

C: Is there an energetic component that goes into making your music?

T: Yes 100%. The music is alive and transcends time and space. It does this much like way love and pain effects the soul. )

C: With all of the energy work and interdimensional travel, I can’t help but wonder if there are elements of this hidden within your music. Do you utilize any special frequencies or specific chants when composing your music?

T:  Most of my music self-substantiates itself into being through the means of dreaming or channeling.

That concludes the interview!  Thank you so much to Tarik for taking the time to answer my questions!  You can find out more information about Tarik and all of the great work they are doing HERE>

  1. Casa Anandrea: Casa Anandrea is a shelter and safe haven for many transgender women.
  2. Rare Disease Advocacy: RDA is a non profit organization designed to help promote awareness of the lack of help for those with rare diseases and illnesses.



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