The Ultimate “Christian” Halloween Celebration

The Ultimate “Christian” Halloween Celebration October 31, 2015


I’ve seen about a million posts this week about what constitutes an appropriate “Christian” response to Halloween. My own childhood having been during the height of the evangelical withdrawal from Halloween festivities, I think I have a pretty good perspective on how Christians should respond. Here’s my take:


-Let your kids put on costumes of their choice. Because costumes are not satanic.

-Take them trick or treating. Because getting to know your neighbors is not satanic.

-Avoid any local “Halloween alternative” events, especially those that pass out “Christian” tracts with candy, or offer a scary “Christian” parody of the haunted house in an attempt to literally scare the hell out of small children. These often go by names like “Hallelujah Night” or “Holyween.” A “Fall Festival,” however, usually held on a different night, is generally safe and an opportunity to score more candy.

-Return home.

-Allow them to eat candy. Candy is also not satanic.

-While eating candy, engage in age-appropriate discussion of the day’s significance in the liturgical year. Because Halloween is also not satanic.

-Send kids to bed.

-Drink beer. Because it’s also Reformation Day, and Martin Luther enjoyed beer. And beer is also not satanic.

-Go to bed.

-Repeat next year.



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