Hymn of the Day: Open Now Thy Gates of Beauty

Hymn of the Day: Open Now Thy Gates of Beauty February 8, 2023

Open Now Thy Gates of Beauty

Open now thy gates of beauty,
Zion, let me enter there,
Where my soul in joyful duty
Waits for Him who answers prayer:
O how blessed is this place,
Filled with solace, light, and grace!

Gracious God, I come before Thee,
Come Thou also down to me;
Where we find Thee and adore Thee,
There a heaven on earth must be:
To my heart O enter Thou,
Let it be Thy temple now.

Speak, O Lord, and I will hear Thee,
Let Thy will be done indeed;
May I undisturbed draw near Thee
While Thou dost Thy people feed.
Here of life the fountain flows,
Here is balm for all our woes.
– Benjamin Schmolck, 1732
tr. Catherine Winkworth, 1863
UNSER HERRSCHER (NEANDER) by Joachim Neander, 1680

Photo: Adoration of the Magi by Claude Vignon, c. 1619, creative commons 2.0

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