“Holy, Holy, Holy! though the darkness hide Thee/though the eye of sinful man Thy glory may not see…” There is a lot of darkness out there. Read the news. Scroll your Facebook feed. Read more

This video is taken from Highpoint Church’s services on January 7, 2018. This particular Sunday will be forever chronicled on the internet and known as the Sunday Lowpoint…err…Highpoint publicly shamed a sexual assault victim while affirming their solidarity and support of her admitted attacker, Teaching Pastor Andy Savage. I don’t know this person, so please don’t suggest I’m attacking her personally. But ladies and gentlemen, this is why you don’t give your worship leader a microphone. Photo: YouTube screenshot Read more

If you haven’t yet read Jules Woodson’s horrific sexual assault story, you can do so here and here. To summarize, Jules was taken in a car under false pretenses by her youth pastor, Andy Savage, and sexually assaulted in a remote location. When she alerted her pastors at Woodlands Parkway Baptist Church, now mini-megachurch StoneBridge, she was shamed and silenced. Andy was ceremoniously let go and sent home to Memphis. Since then, he has risen to a level of evangelical… Read more

One of the tragic things about contemporary megachurch worship is that it often worships the personality that built it. Pastors are given license to say and preach about practically anything they wish. Often, instead of the gospel, they cross over into a purely self-help gospel, cloaked with light biblical content to make it jesusy enough for church. As their popularity grows, these false experts are given an extended platform for influence from those seeking to capitalize on their popularity. Christian… Read more

Far too often the church forgets the privilege of its own calendar, instead rushing ahead to the next thing, the next stupid topical sermon series, the next slate of softball games, the next fiscal year. Read more

“It’s somber and a little menacing, melodically. It’s the one I used to sing when 1) my voice was shot, and 2) when I knew there’d be a lot of older folks in the congregation. Old folks love to feel guilty for Christmas. IE, what happens when you give a Christian comedian a microphone for too long.” – Mike C. “Every time someone sings “Mary, Did You Know” an angel rolls his eyes. And I die a little inside.” -… Read more

For your average worshiper, Christmas Eve is a beautiful time of carols, candlelight, and community. For organists, choristers, choirmasters, and music directors, however, it’s nearing the end of the most grueling season of the year. And there are so many things that can go terribly wrong. Here are ten things that strike horror into the hearts of jaded and exhausted church musicians. 10. “And now to kick off our new blended Christmas Eve service, please welcome our worship band.” 9…. Read more

What are the Christmas songs you hate? Which ones can you not stand to be lumped in with Christmas? Read more

The firestorm of sexual abuse and harassment stories has officially reached evangelical Christianity. You might not know the name Judge Paul Pressler, but you should. Without him, the largest (though currently shrinking) Christian denomination would look quite different. Pressler is now 87 and retired. He surfaces now and then to endorse GOP political candidates or throw temper tantrums on the convention floor, but he is no longer a vocal leader. That’s why it has been jarring for some to hear… Read more

How to do worship is not fundamentally a question of preference, but meaning. Read more

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