Hymns Didn’t Come from Drinking Songs: Putting an End to the Myth

No, the melodies of our beloved hymns weren’t borrowed from drinking songs, bar tunes, and tavern music. Read more

When the Music Fades: Why We Must Criticize Our Worship Superstars

By reducing worship to an issue of preference, we’ve reduced its importance, made ourselves into a cultural laughingstock, and hindered the church’s mission. Read more

Pastors, Pedigree, and Prostitutes: Eddie Hilburn, Member of Powerful Texas Baptist Family, Arrested For Buying Sex

Eddie Hilburn, Associate Pastor at The Woodlands First Baptist Church, was arrested Wednesday night after agreeing to pay an undercover Harris County Sherrif’s deputy for sex. Documents allege Hilburn, 52, paid the deputy $80 for sexual intercourse. Hilburn is married with three adult children. The Woodlands FBC has removed every trace of Hilburn from the church website. When a local reporter attempted to contact Hilburn at his residence, she was greeted with a slammed door from one of Hilburn’s sons… Read more

But Seriously Chris Tomlin, Good Hymns Don’t Need Your New Choruses

The problem is that these “rediscovered” hymns aren’t really hymns at all. Read more

Making Room in the Sanctuary for God’s Great Dance Floor

The only tradition in contemporary church culture is reinvention. That is the only Lord and Savior they seem to know. Read more

Make Worship Great Again: Petition CCLI to Remove Donald Trump’s “Worship” Song

“Make America Great Again” is not Christian in statement or purpose, and its blatant use of the Trump campaign slogan is something that church should quickly, unequivocally shun. Read more

When Singing a Hymn Is a Subversive Act

The New Testament is clear that to follow Christ is to affirm that he is Lord, not Caesar. Some of us need that reminder this time of year. Read more

“Make America Great Again” is Now a CCLI Licensed Christian Worship Song

At last night’s “Celebrate Freedom Rally,” the choir and orchestra of First Baptist Dallas premiered a new song. It’s written by their former Minister of Music, Gary Moore, who was in attendance and recognized. As of today, it is now available in the CCLI database for any church who wishes to sing it. Here is the text: Make America great again Make America great again Lift the torch of freedom all across the land Step into the future joining hand… Read more

What Non-Americans Think of Patriotic “Worship”

I have to tell you, folks, it’s not always clear if the American evangelical church thinks of itself first as American or Christian. Read more

First Baptist Dallas Ignores Jesus, Worships America on “Freedom Sunday”

First Baptist Church in Dallas bowed before a red, white, and blue altar yesterday. This congregation has become known in recent years for its close association with conservative, Republican politics. Pastor and CEO Robert Jeffress is cozy with Donald Trump, and he preaches a purely American gospel, commingled with convenient snippets of Holy Scripture. So it’s not surprising that this church would dedicate their Sunday gathering to American Jesus. This is how the service shaped up yesterday. You can watch… Read more

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