9 Hymns for Those Struggling with Anxiety and Depression

9 Hymns for Those Struggling with Anxiety and Depression February 21, 2020

I have struggled with depression and anxiety myself, so please know that when I wrote a post like this, I do so out of experience and empathy. Read more about my story here, if you like.

These are not just vapid gospel songs that salve the soul but offer nothing of substance. I’m not going to tell you what others might have; that if you just praise God all your troubles will melt away. Those are evil lies. Reliance upon God doesn’t melt away your troubles, and those who say so have either had terribly easy lives or, more likely, are lost in religious delusion. But what these hymns, and especially worship in Word and Sacrament, can do is to aid us in seeing the world, and ourselves, through a Christ and cross-shaped lens. Then in the midst of the deepest, darkest night of the soul, we can find the tiny morsel of faith we need to keep going.

These are beautiful hymns of strength and substance that carry enough truth to help you mount a resistance in your heart and mind.

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