A New Hymn for 2020: Stay Home, Don’t Pass It On

A New Hymn for 2020: Stay Home, Don’t Pass It On April 2, 2020

We’ve probably all heard the stories in the news about rogue pastors and churches bucking the orders against large gatherings. In a few of my church music Facebook groups, there are more accounts from worried church musicians whose pastors, while technically following these orders, are playing fast and loose, allowing unnecessary people into the live streaming sessions, shaking hands, giving hugs, that sort of thing. Well, if they won’t listen to people with, you know, actual medical and public health training, and if they won’t listen to their denominations, bishops, and overseers, maybe they’ll listen to my attempt at redeeming this campy 60s youth retreat ditty. Get your cigarette lighters ready, and sing along with me.

Stay Home, Don’t Pass It On
PASS IT ON (Irregular as heck)

It only takes a hug to get an illness spreading,
Before the symptoms show, the virus starts infecting,
That’s how it is with pandemics,
You all experience it.
You ignore all the warning signs,
And freaking pass it on

What a wondrous time is spring, when temperatures are warming,
But the CDC has said to stay away from gathering,
That’s how it is with pandemics,
You keep your butts at home,
Or you may kill us all because
you numbskulls pass it on.

I wish for you, my friends, a single ounce of wisdom,
Just stay away from church until the vaccination,
I’ll shout it from the mountaintop! (STAY HOME!)
Just love your neighbor and
Please listen to the real experts,
Stay home, don’t pass it on.

Tune: Kurt Kaiser, 1969
Text: Jonathan Aigner, 2020

Churches are not given permission for free use of this hymn. I am grateful to people for sharing this hymn with others.

Actual, real hymns for use during this pandemic can be found in any legitimate hymnal.



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