Want to Talk about A Wrinkle in Time?

Want to Talk about A Wrinkle in Time? March 20, 2018
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We aren’t currently planning on covering Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time but thought it likely a number of our readers / listeners would be interested in considering how Christians should approach the film (and the lasting popularity of the book which is its source material).

Issues, etc. has done two episodes on A Wrinkle in Time, one considering the film and the other the book.  Having listened to both I am glad to commend them to your listening:

1. Episode 751 – An Interview with Terry Mattingly (a fellow Patheos writer) who directs the Washington Journalism Center at the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities on his own interview with Madeleine L’Engle, her thoughts on adapting her novel into a film, and Terry’s thoughts on why the novel remains so compelling to new generations of readers.

2. Episode 752Pastor Ted Giese of Mount Olive Lutheran Church of Regina,Saskatchewan (and someone I find consistently helpful in thinking through the message of films as a Christian) on the movie – the changes made in the translation from novel to film, the theology of the film’s world, and whether or not Christian families would profit from viewing the film.

While it would be easy to listen to just the review of the film I would encourage you to make time for both episodes as the two come at the material in ways that differ enough to provide a well-rounded perspective on the film and its related issues.

You can find Issues, etc. on Twitter and all your favorite podcast platforms (here is their iTunes feed).  Enjoy!

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