#KillerSerials: THE PATH, Eps. 3 & 4

#KillerSerials: THE PATH, Eps. 3 & 4 April 15, 2016

Tony Jones and Ryan Parker discuss episodes 3 and 4 of The Path on Hulu. This week, we continue our discussion of what the series says about belief in general and how the subplots in the series provide windows into the different ways of being in communities of truth. After the jump, you can listen to the podcast and read about Jessica Goldberg’s creation of the Meyerist Movement.

You can read about creator Jessica Goldberg’s creative process here: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/path-creator-how-i-lost-877128

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  • Stevi Deter

    Thanks for doing these, I’m really appreciating hearing your insights.

    Regarding Eddie being willing to admit to adultery he didn’t commit, I think my perception is biased by having read every interview I could before the show started, that for him to admit to having doubt would be even worse. There’s a rehab program for infidelity, but doubters get the Alison Kemp treatment. I think that’s going to be made clearer in the coming episodes.

    The fact that Eddie knows he was tripping when he had the vision of Meyer dying complicates it for him – he has doubts about his doubt. One of the issues I’m interested in how they address is if part of this transition from cult to more mainstream includes allowing doubt. Right now, in the era when Felicia can still show her burned hands, belief has to be absolute. But do they need to find a new balance where there are press conferences, no use of ‘medicine,’ and allowing people who don’t buy the whole story as literal truth to stay with their families.

  • SalonKitty

    I have to agree with Stevi. This isn’t a simple ‘just tell her the truth’ trope, because first of all, he repeatedly expressed that he was not having an affair with Miranda Frank, but once he submitted to the 14 days for the peace of his family he basically ‘confesses’ under duress – much like traumatized political prisoners, he;s so psychologically bombarded that he gives up names and admits to a transgression that was being drilled into his head. This is exactly what he feared when he talked to Alison about it.

    And second, he didn’t physically see Meyer – it was a vision. Unless the show does a turnabout, you can see Eddie still seated by the fire surrounded by Silas and Miranda while his ‘spirit’ self walks along to follow his dead brother. So, he can’t actually be sure that Meyer is dying, but because of what he’s seen, he now has this nagging feeling that the promise of the light is not true. Telling his wife that the religion she grew up on all of her life is total BS would go over a lot worse than admitting to an affair. Eddie would lose his family in the way that Scientologists cannot ever communicate with their family again once they’ve been cast out. It’s that rigid.

    Enjoying these very in-depth talks centered around this really intriguing show. Also, I think there’s a lot more to Eddie’s story than what we’ve heard so far. Btw, the other leader with the burned hands, is Felicia, not Beth.