June 27, 2019

Recently, while doing research for a presentation on eastern religious traditions, I stumbled across something that I found fascinating—in Sanskrit (the ancient language of the Hindu tradition), the word “yoga” comes from the root “yuj” which can be translated into English as “to unite” “to join” “to control” or “to discipline.” Another way the word translates is simply “to yoke.” The English word “yoke” actually derives from the same Indo-European root, “yuj”. For me, this was an unexpected expansion of… Read more

March 11, 2019

Today at the Vatican in Rome, a pope and a prophet, leaders of two great world religions, met for the first time. Alexander B. Bruce, a Scottish pastor, wrote in his 1871 Christian classic, “The Training of the Twelve” about the power and importance of “first meetings.” Bruce wrote, “First meetings are sacred as well as last ones, especially such as are followed by a momentous history, and accompanied as is apt to be the case, with omens prophetic of… Read more

March 6, 2018

Ever wonder why, since Jesus Christ died and voluntarily sacrificed himself on the cross, Mormons don’tuse and wear the cross as a symbol of their faith in Jesus? Here’s the explanation. Read more

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