Why Yes, She is Holding a Sharp Implement

Why Yes, She is Holding a Sharp Implement October 17, 2016

Good Moaning. Trying to move myself along through the day. And that means doing everything in its proper order. Here, before anything, is the cover of my book which you will be able to order very soon. Believe me, I will Not hide Anything from you in the matter of this book.


You will notice the delicate pastels, the lovely female form, the stained glass. All these important cues let you know that this is just the sort of book you’re looking for.

And now, here is the podcast. We talk about the bible, of course, and how it works. Because it totally works. Want to grow in the knowledge and love of Jesus? The bible works great for that.

And now on to other nice links.

First up, of course you’d like to preorder this fine book by two of the best people in the world. Are you worn out with care giving? You will be so encouraged by this book. I read it awhile ago and I was so strengthened and helped.

And I love this because no learning style helps me, so this article must be true. My heart tells me it is.

And what a relief that someone noticed that this was never a good idea.

And this was sort of interesting, if true. Who even knows anything any more.

And, saving the best for last, my mother produced her monthly blog post. Her life is way too exciting.

She and my dad acquired some eggplant and are going to afflict us by making this sometime this week.

I hope you have a lovely day, if you’re up for that sort of idea.

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