God Dreams in my Heart Podcast and Links

God Dreams in my Heart Podcast and Links December 17, 2018

Good morning. It’s quite gray here, which is surprising, I know, so we’ve done up a rather too long podcast about how the Church of England has mangled baptism so that they might as well not bother any more, and how Mary visiting Elizabeth has nothing to do with God birthing a dream to start a new business in your heart. What more could you possibly need or want today? Don’t answer that.

Here’s  an article about the Church of England throwing away all semblance of Christianity. Here are the actual guidelines. Here is the terrible sermon.

This is important for me personally, probably.

This is the most wonderful thing I’ve read in weeks and weeks.

And this is brilliant and funny. “Honey, you don’t get a whip” is going to be my motto for 2019.

I’m half way through this. Personally, I think it is utterly fascinating, if long enough to be a book.

This is cool.

Here is Melanie talking about Susans.

Here is part one of Cat’s Halmark Christmas Cliche Story that is so wonderful I look forward all day long to the next installment whenever it appears. Be grateful she stays up all night writing.

The Farmers Almanac says it’s going to be a frigid winter. Yay.

Like these ones were apparently. It’s going to be exactly the same.

Here is a book to help you cultivate some Christmas cheer. It seems like just the ticket.

Here are this week’s pelican links.

I am going to make this this year, so help me.

This is how I’m going to decorate my house this week.

Here’s another podcast that’s not so ridiculous.

Here is an excellent sermon and a helpful class.

And now, if you will excuse me, I will arise and consider the matter of Monday.

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