Are You Sleeping Through Your Impossible?

Are You Sleeping Through Your Impossible? January 22, 2019

[Jesus excited to see what you’re beliving him for today.]

So there you are, minding your own business, mildly scrolling through twitter, and then someone, Right Out Of The BlueTM, says something outrageous. Or rather, does something outrageous. You leap to, as is your wont, so that, when the video from the other angle surfaces, you have to climb back on twitter and apologize for being wrong on the internet. Which is a terrible thing to befall you, because the whole point of the internet is Other People being wrong, and you being able to correct them. It’s possible I mean me, but let’s just go with you.

I am here to relieve your distress. Here is a ‘Christian’ meme that absolutely deserves your outrage. You won’t need to worry about having to climb down because this one-dimensional wrongness is so wrong that just noticing the wrongness restores order and virtue and sanity to the cosmos.

Here it is.

As most of you know I am neither celebrated for my brilliant spelling, nor for my grammatical prowess, but even I know the difference between  ‘your’ and ‘you’re.’ And even, just to show off, ‘there,’ ‘their,’ and ‘they’re, and ‘to,’ ‘too,’ and ‘two.’ I know, you’re, cough, amazed. So what I’d like to know is, if you don’t know how to spell it, does
God still have to do it? Or is knowing the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ part of the thing that pushes God over the edge when he’s considering ‘your’ ‘impossible?’

So how is that going? Daring God for your impossible…I mean, oops, daring to believe God for your Impossible. Because that’s totally what God is sitting around doing, waiting for you to daringly believe.

I mean there you were, stone cold dead in a tomb, wrapped in a lot of cruddy linen, rotting—because actually you were only stone cold for the first little bit. Then the very very hot weather sort of relaxed your dead self and set in the decomposition process. Boy that was a great smell. Anyway, all the deadness, all the impossibility.

And then Jesus, who waited for like four whole days for you to gin up that daring belief, finally got tired and just walked up and told you to rise from the dead anyway, because he knew you were totally going to get around to it, but also he was kind of on a tight schedule because he himself needed to go do that daringly amazing act of…also dying.

Man, I love how dead people are so daringly able to get God to do things for them through their daring belief.

Anyway, just to keep clipping along, I would like to point out that sleep, rather than being the enemy of your Impossible, is actually one of the greater and more merciful miracles of life in general, whether ‘you’re’ a ‘Christian’ or not. And if you can manage to sleep through some of the gunk, like at least half of the weekend twitter outrage, and a quarter of the time it takes a lot of children to make themselves a full cooked breakfast, and more than half of the piano lessons, I think you have unlocked level Daring. Congratulations to You is what I say.

Just to hammer the nail home, sleeping is one of The Best parts of the Christian life.

And also, God isn’t interested in you daring to believe him for the impossible. He would like to you to obediently persevere through hard, mundane, and difficult circumstances. You know what kind of impossible things you can believe God for? Forgiving and understanding difficult people. Being raised out of your grave on the last day. Being raised out of your spiritual grave now. Finding it within your means to help someone who is in trouble. Showing up to church on Sunday. Getting out of bed in the morning when you didn’t sleep enough the night before. Going to work yet again to do something you don’t particularly enjoy. Being kind when you don’t feel like it. Should I go on? Or are you overwhelmed by all the Impossible.

I know I am. I’m sitting here believing God to warm up the frozen car before I have to get in it. And I’m also believing God for a world where memes aren’t the way people sort out their theology.

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