Three Things On Thursday

Three Things On Thursday April 11, 2019

Thing One

Well, this is terrible. It could be days before the world gets a glimpse of the royal baby after it’s born, which will be very soon. Perversely, Harry and Meghan are keeping the details of this impending moment private. Although, there is some small hope that they will post on their joint instagram account as soon as the happy event comes to be. Most importantly for all of us, “The baby has brought them even closer together,” someone or other has been quoted as saying. That’s good. That’s what babies are for.*

What I want to know is, how is it possible to wear heels when you’re that pregnant, and how come her legs are shiny…these are the questions that keep me awake at night. Along with weird dreams about Felicity Huffman and the other one—the previously beloved one everybody hates now.

Thing Two

I read this right before I went to bed, and goodness, it was very hard to sleep. The writing, that’s what I’m so jealous about. And also, it’s got a nice gossipy, breezy feel so that it’s like you’re right there, in the middle of it all, relishing the awful details one by one. But also, lay there wide awake at 3am remembering that I had the worst SAT scores in the history of something or other, and that probably I got into Cornell (as a transfer) as a diversity prop, not because of race, but because of being from somewhere cool—maybe? Anyway, probably much more qualified people didn’t get in because I was given a spot (as a transfer)…and also, my SAT scores would definitely indicate to all of humanity that I’m as dumb as a brick…this is what it’s like to think about these things at that awful hour. Of course, in the clear light of day, I don’t care at all. That was the 90s. This is the new era of sadness.

Thing Three

If you’re wondering why I’m blogging about such drivel, it’s because I really should be up living the good life, rousting children to their school work, panicking about their future lives and prospects, imagining myself facing down college admission offices, panicking about what to make for the lunch I should have thought about last night. Here, here’s something funny to tide you over, especially with the black hole picture from yesterday.

”Then he’d tried believing in the Universe, which seemed sound enough until he’d innocently started reading new books with words like Chaos and Time and Quantum in the titles. He’s found that even the people whose job of work was, so to speak, the Universe, didnt even really believe in it and were actually quite proud of not knowing what it really was or even if it could theoretically exist.” Good Omens p. 166

Have a lovely Day!

*that’s just a little joke

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