Superficial? Podcast and Links

Superficial? Podcast and Links April 15, 2019

Well, we made it into Holy Week—the wind is tempestuous and the sky is gray so it must be Binghamton. We have done up a lighter podcast, making a little bit of fun at the idea that Buttigieg could be considered a serious Christian, as claimed by RHE and others, and indulging ourselves in a little meander down memory lane. Matt had the dubious idea that we should film ourselves, which we did. You can see us here and the audio is here, as usual but with less than stellar sound quality because we put our ‘recording device’ in the wrong place. He thinks that we will Facebook Live the next one but I think he is insane. However it goes, we will do it mid week and put it up next Monday. That’s what we’re trying to do now, so that I can wake up and head straight into school on our “day off.” Enjoy!

Here is the article that prompted the podcast. And I do have some links as it turns out.

First up, this is very funny and Binghamton, of course, made the cut.

And this is funny.

And this is wonderful.

I started following Victorians Vile Victorians on facebook and it’s so funny and fantastic.

This is so cool.

Here’s an excellent talk that I’m in the middle of listening to.

This is creepy.

This looks delicious.

And here is an excellent sermon, and a class.

And now I must go and do a lot of work, so much work, praying that I don’t forget something important. A blessed Holy Week to you all!

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