What’s Up With Bathsheba Podcast and Links

What’s Up With Bathsheba Podcast and Links October 14, 2019

Podcasting at the beginning of the weekend is so bad because now we’re always behind on the news. Anyway, in this one we talk too long about David and Bathsheba and I say a lot of fascinating things, I’m sure, but I do completely get the timeline wrong. But that’s ok, because Matt biblesplains me. If you think that Bathsheba was raped, you will not love us at the end of this, but why not listen anyway!

I don’t have a lot of links today because I’m actually late for everything. But let me see if I can find one or two.

This is awesome.

This is interesting.

This is hauntingly true.

No sermon this week, but here’s a helpful class.

So sorry its so slim pickings! I should have attended to this earlier. I’m off to an appointment and then a funeral. I hope you all have a better day than I am going to.

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