Disabled people: “Just die, will you!”

Disabled people: “Just die, will you!” March 30, 2024

Our post Covid compassionless godless society just gets worse and worse.  In yesterdays London Times, respected columnist Matthew Parry argued that sick and disabled people ought to be encouraged to relieve the financial burden they pose to society and opt to be put down like you would a pet.  If we do not continue to prohibit assisted dying then people like me will feel obligued to have themselves killed to save society money and a burden.  Yes I cost the NHS money, and yes I can’t fully pull my weight at home with chores.  But my wife and many others do not see me as a problem to be got rid of.

Every humans has value which is much more than our economic activity or not costing taxpayers money.  People are invaluable precisely because they are formed in Gods image.  And if you can still talk then you can certainly be a huge benefit to others. And even if you can’t talk it has been commonly accepted that even the most vulnerable should be protected and valued not disposed of like trash.

This is the most chilling article I have read in a long time:

As (objectors say) the practice spreads, social and cultural pressure will grow on the terminally ill to hasten their own deaths so as “not to be a burden” on others or themselves.I believe this will indeed come to pass. And I would welcome it.

I don’t dispute the objectors’ belief that once assisted dying becomes normalised we will become more apt to ask ourselves for how much longer we can justify the struggle. Is life still giving us more pleasure than pain? How much is all this costing relatives and the health service? How much of a burden are we placing on those who love us? How much of a burden are we placing upon ourselves? We will notice others asking themselves these questions and we’ll feel empowered by changing social norms to ask them ourselves. Discussion will become more open. It will become common practice to pose this question without embarrassment, and to weigh the answer up . . .

It’s right. If assisted dying becomes common and widely accepted, hundreds of thousands — perhaps millions — will consider choosing this road when the time comes; and in some cases, even ask themselves whether it would be selfish not to . . .  considered socially responsible — and even, finally, urged upon people.

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