To Speak or Not To Speak Podcast and Links

To Speak or Not To Speak Podcast and Links June 22, 2020

It’s a sultry, humid day here in Binghamton, and I am about to go make a lot of delicious food for a birthday picnic, but first, we complained for about half an hour about how the conversation about race today is not meant to actually make things better but is designed to make things worse, and about how it’s important to repent of actual sins that you actually do. Matt gets all steamed up, as you knew he would. Enjoy!

I found this article brilliant and helpful this morning.

This is pretty interesting. I dunno if I buy it, but it’s interesting.

This is super funny.

This is so cool.

Jen this week.

This is also cool.

Here is this week’s Stand Firm Podcast.

Here is a helpful class. Excellent sermon back next week. Have a lovely day!

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